The siren song of multidisciplinary leadership teams and how it goes wrong

Photo by Deon Black on Unsplash

I was talking to a friend from Google the other day of the new leadership structure their organisation has adopted. They call it leadership quads. Where every area has a group of people from four different disciplines co-leading…

What happens when you lose context, autonomy and accountability in the work environment

Photo: Tim Marshall/Unsplash

Imagine you’re walking along a street, and suddenly everyone is running in the opposite direction to you, screaming. What should you do? From an evolutionary perspective, we are programmed to gravitate to the group of people fleeing danger. These days, more of us might head onwards, readying our phones for…

Which style of leader are you?

Generals and gardeners are two very different types of leader. The General is about giving orders, holding people to account and rigid discipline. The Gardener is about creating an environment where things can grow and flourish within boundaries.

What kind of leader do most…

Andy Walker

Ex-Google, ex-Netscape, ex-Skyscanner. Interested in solving complex problems without complexity and self sustaining self improving organisations.

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